6 Unusual Things You Can Do To Sell Your House In Homedale Idaho

Selling a home is usually not easy or fast, except on rare occasions, especially if you deploy the same old tired tactics that everyone else has been and still uses. You still have a lot of competition even in a healthy seller’s market, and in some way you still have to make your listing and your house stand out. The more creative you are in your marketing and selling tactics, the better you will be at a decent price in terms of a quick sale. Let’s get creative, therefore. Here are six unusual things you can do in Homedale Idaho to sell your house.

1. Offer Creative Financing Options

Money is the highest hurdle for many people in their efforts to buy a house. Sometimes, therefore, an efficient way to sell your house in Homedale Idaho is to provide some financing options to hypothecary buyers, such as owner financing and mortgage assumption.


You’re actually the mortgage lender with owner financing. You carry the note, and you are paid monthly by the buyer. Renting your home is much like this, but without headaches. The only drawbacks are that borrowers generally need a greater down payment, ranging from 10% to 20%, and the interest rate is usually higher than with conventional financing.

This owner-financing option is recommended by real estate pros if your home is not actually worth a large amount, which makes banks hesitant to extend mortgage loans. And if you decide to go this route, “there are credit creators who can help guide the process as well as buyers who can check credit.”


You can also help to sell your house in Homedale Idaho from providing a mortgage assumption. Here a borrower “assumes” or takes over the loan instead of having its own new mortgage. Buyers gain by usually being able to get a lower, fixed interest rate. Just be mindful that some problems can occur with a VA loan. “VA loans can be assumed, but your full entitlement will not be restored until the buyer pays the loan (which may be okay because you can buy up to two homes with a VA loan anyway).”

2. Leverage the Reach and Power of Facebook

In Homedale Idaho, if you want to sell your house, never underestimate Facebook’s enormous reach and power. This famous medium of social media helps you to quickly reach an enormous target audience.

This is a Facebook tactic that is unusual and effective. “Post your property listing on Facebook and let your’ friends’ know you’re offering a monetary reward for any’ share’ resulting in your home being sold. This can be as easy as a Visa gift card, although you should make it big enough–at least $200–to pique the interest of people. Just make sure you set the privacy setting for your post to “Public,” so that everyone will see it.

Also, be sure to consult with your Facebook marketing agent, a good agent will have their own Facebook page and will know how to market online.

3. Sweeten the Deal With a Freebie

Another unusual thing you can do in Homedale Idaho to sell your house is to offer a freebie to sweeten the deal and make it nearly irresistibly attractive to potential buyers. For example, a home seller offered his car with his house. He “parked on his lawn his two-year-old Nissan Maxima with a sign saying’ Car is coming home!Needless to say, within three days he sold his home.’ It just makes buyers feel they’re getting a better deal–even if you have to raise the price slightly to offset the freebie’s cost.

4. Effectively Utilize a Virtual Tour

Virtual online tours are now a fairly common selling tool, particularly as most home buyers begin their online home quest. Nevertheless, the concern is that digital tours are not always used effectively. Sure, you’ll want to upload your virtual tour to YouTube, but, again, don’t neglect the power of Facebook.

What you can do is host your own digital live stream tour on Facebook. It can be your house’s actual walk-through, offering customers a real sense of what it’s like to live in your home – a live, digital open house online. This may be very complicated, but your agent will assist you here. Indeed, your agent is likely to have several preferred tools to create virtual tours and share open houses online.

5. Invite Buyer to Move in for a Weekend

It may sound crazy, but it works to sell your house – to invite potential buyers to move in for the weekend. What better way to let them know what it really will be like to live there?

When Debbie Rose and her husband wanted to sell their Stamford, CT, home a few years ago, they soon became sick of ‘ showing ‘ their location anytime potential buyers wanted to see it. So when a coworker said she was interested in moving to Stamford, the couple offered a weekend getaway to their house. Their guests loved the house and the city so much, a few weeks later they made an offer at home.

With a potentially serious buyer who just can not get off the fence, this tactic can make all the difference. You will need to practice some caution with this strategy, of course, and screen the people you let in.

6. Sell It Yourself

While it’s not extremely unusual, selling your house in Homedale Idaho is still a creative way – selling it yourself. Only “FSBO is selling around 8 percent of homes sold in America,” given the abundance of digital tools that make it simpler than ever, so it may well be uncommon enough to function. The most common options here are simply marketing on places like Craigslist and Zillow to individuals and selling to an investor, which can result in a cash transaction.

Although making an FSBO offer can potentially lead to faster sales, most sellers are better off making a conventional deal and listing with an agent, as statistics show – mostly because they typically get a better price for their house.

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