6 Things You Need to Know About Selling an Older Home in Boise

So, here are six items to consider before selling an older home in Boise. If you live in an older house, you’re probably aware of the numerous advantages and attractive features, such as more square footage, high ceilings, beautiful wood trim and molding, and character. However, considering the benefits and features, selling the older home, especially to young buyers, could present some challenges. For example, you’ll be competing in a market full of gleaming new homes outfitted with the latest gadgets.

Know About Selling an Older Home in Boise

1. Proving Maintenance Well Done

When selling an older home in Boise, bear in mind that buyers want to be sure they’re not getting into a maintenance nightmare. They don’t want to have to start renovating and repairing plumbing and electrical issues right away. As a result, you’ll need to show that you’ve kept up with maintenance and made necessary repairs.

Typically, buyers want reassurance about the following aspects of an older home:

  • State of the foundation and basement
  • Roof age and condition
  • Age of the plumbing
  • Age and condition of the wiring
  • Age and condition of the HVAC system (if any)
  • Age and condition of windows

Buyers would almost certainly inquire about the size of your energy bills in order to get a sense of the cost of some of these goods. Be sure to address these issues with your Boise agent, and inquire as to whether performing your own inspection is a good idea. Simply call (208)314-1350 to learn more.

2. Attending to the Top Two Updates

Two stand out as the top concerns for buyers among the items listed above, and should be the subject of your updating efforts if you’re selling an older home in Boise. They are the roof’s age and condition, as well as the windows’.

“[T]hese are the two changes that must be completed first and should be prioritized,” industry experts say. Roofs that are more than 10-15 years old would need to be replaced earlier rather than later. Roofs that are older start to leak and crumble, losing their insulation properties and necessitating more expensive repairs. Single-pane windows with low insulating properties are common in older windows. In the winter, old windows mean a drafty house, and in the summer, they mean a sweltering home. Make these two repairs a priority on your to-do list.

3. Lessening Homeowners Insurance Costs

When selling an older house, you’ll still have to deal with questions from buyers about the cost of homeowners insurance. Because of the increased risks and dangers, insurance for older homes is also more expensive. As a result, you’ll need to do whatever you can within reason to mitigate these dangers and threats.

“Old homes come with more risks, and insurance firms are reluctant to pay for such unforeseeable incidents. Old wiring can be a fire hazard, old plumbing can cause serious water damage, and cracking concrete foundations can result in flooding and costly structural issues.”

Your task will then be to update and fix these items so that prospective customers can rest assured that their premiums will not be too expensive. Your Boise agent will assist you in determining which of these issues to resolve for the best return on investment at the time of sale. Call (208)314-1350 to learn more about this.

4. Opening the Interior 

Today’s buyers prefer an open floor plan that gives them the impression of having a lot of room. Many older houses, on the other hand, have a lot of space and fewer open interiors. Obviously, you don’t want to invest in a big remodel, but here are some things you can do to make an older home in Boise feel more open:

  • Create half walls between rooms by removing portions of non-load-bearing walls
  • Remove doors between rooms in the primary living area
  • Replace blinds and heavy curtains and drapes with lighter window coverings
  • Paint over brightly covered accent walls in lighter neutral tones 

5. Highlighting Space for Money

You can also compensate for the lack of an open floor plan by stressing the amount of space buyers can get for their money. Since older homes usually have more square footage than newer homes, buyers can get better value in terms of space.

Furthermore, many older homes have more outdoor space, such as larger lots, yards, and porches (often wrap-around and screened-in). To help buyers see the square-footage bargain they’ll be getting as well as the potential in the home, emphasize the space-for-money benefit.

6. Emphasizing Character

The character of an older house, on the other hand, can be a major selling point. This appealing character can be seen not only in the house, but also in the surrounding older neighborhood. When selling an older home in Boise, make sure to emphasize this quality.

“The list of reasons to love an older home could go on and on: wide-plank wood floors, solid wood craftsman doors, wrap-around front porches…the list of reasons to love an older home could go on and on.” In addition, “A new home is typically accompanied by a young, growing neighborhood. This means there would be no huge century-old oak tree in the front yard, as well as unpredictably changing neighborhood conditions. Boise House Buyers, The attraction of older neighborhoods, where all is already in place and developed, stems from the fact that a tree-lined street and quaint neighborhood do not appear overnight.”

Although older homes do present some challenges, these can be easily overcome with the tips provided here and the assistance of a knowledgeable Boise agent. If you’re ready to sell an older home in Boise, give us a call at (208)314-1350 right now.

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