5 Things Boise Real Estate Agents Do When Selling Their Own Properties

When selling their own properties, Boise real estate agents perform the following five things. Over time, all agents build and adapt their own set of tools and methods in order to maximize the value of any house sale or buy, including their own.

Full Disclosure

When an agent sells their own property in Boise, there are municipal, state, and federal rules that require the agent to disclose to the potential buyer that the property seller and agent are one and the same.

For some consumers, this can be a red flag that they’re being duped into buying a dud, but it’s often the case that the opposite is true. Experienced and competent real estate agents are defined by their reputations, so keeping everything on the up-and-up during the sale of their own properties is crucial.

As a result, full disclosure of an agent’s ownership and position in the sale of a property is critical to the transaction’s success.

Real Estate Agents Do When Selling Their Own Properties

Carefully Establish Pricing

One of the most common reasons owners engage attorneys is that they are unfamiliar with their local market and have no idea how to price their property effectively.

Pricing your home too expensive can leave you without any potential buyers for months as they wait for the price to reduce. On the other hand, initially pricing too low can lead some buyers to believe there must be some serious reasons for the price being so low compared to market norms.

For any owner or agency, striking the appropriate balance and remaining within market value expectations is critical to getting things off to a good start. Taking current market trends into account, in addition to examining comparable data in your community, helps to further inform the resulting pricing.

Call in the Cavalry

All real estate brokers develop a network of professional connections over time, which they nurture and exploit in a mutually advantageous manner.

Agents know who to call to get the job done perfectly the first time, whether it’s a professional photographer to create a great photoset for the listing, an interior decorator to take staging to the next level, or a landscaper to give the outside that extra oomph.

Taking advantage of these people’s services helps tie the whole presentation together, from the first impression to the last.

Maximize Exposure

Agents then do their best to push the marketing as much as possible once the house is ready for sale and a listing has been meticulously created.

This goes beyond showing a picture in the local newspaper and having a detailed listing online. 

Agents nowadays do everything they can to get as much mileage out of social media platforms as possible. This entails writing a post with a link to their active listing, as well as a brief description of the property’s advantages and contact information. The next step is to share this message publicly, in local organizations that allow for posts about for-sale real estate, and to invite friends and relatives to do the same.

The additional exposure and attention gained simply by having the listing pushed out into hundreds, if not thousands, of personal news feeds is priceless.

Consider All Aspects of a Bid

It’s quite simple for the average seller to leap on the highest offered price and not look back once the bids start flooding in, but that’s a big error.

Bids frequently include particular stipulations and additional information that affect the amount of money a seller can make by accepting and closing on that bid. Contingencies for repairs and inspections are common, and it’s crucial to consider how much extra time and money meeting those contingencies would add to the present set of circumstances.

It’s vital to take a step back and consider all aspects of each offer before making a final selection, as it’s easy to ignore these things.

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