Selling Your House in Boise? What You Should and Should Not Fix At Your Buyer’s Request

Almost every house buyer will ask the seller to make some repairs and improvements. Some of these are reasonable and should be carried out, while others are not. This means that when selling your home, there are some repairs you should make and others you should avoid. Most merchants struggle to distinguish between the two, with some being overly accommodating and doing more than is required, while others refusing to do enough. To help you out in this situation, we offer this brief guide on what you should and should not fix at your buyer’s request when selling your house in Boise.

Repairs You Should Make When Selling Your House

When selling your home in Boise, the things you should remedy at the buyer’s request are usually the significant concerns – things that the inspection often uncovers. Among them are…

Roof Problems

The value of a home might be lowered by a damaged roof. If left ignored, it can result in water damage and other issues that are costly to repair. As a result, it’s legitimate for your buyer to require roof repairs or even replacement if necessary, and you should be willing to comply.

Foundation Issues

Foundation problems and defects are serious enough to jeopardise the structural stability of the entire house. Furthermore, foundation repairs might be rather costly, which may compromise the sale. As a result, if the buyer requests repairs in this area, you should make them when selling your home.

Selling Your House in Boise? What You Should and Should Not Fix

Plumbing Problems

A plumbing issue, which usually entails a leak or multiple leaks, can quickly result in water damage and mould growth. A plumbing problem is usually a simple fix, but mould removal can be a time-consuming and costly operation. As a result, repairing plumbing issues is another legitimate buyer requirement.

Electrical Problems/Outdated Wiring

Electrical problems, particularly outdated, obsolete wiring, can cause a fire. Electrical issues are responsible for more than 50,000 fires each year. So, in order to avoid losing a transaction, you should address these issues while selling your home (even if not requested by the buyer).

HVAC Issues

A malfunctioning or badly running HVAC system wastes energy and increases utility bills, not to mention negatively impacts comfort. If there are issues, your buyer will most likely ask you to fix them, which you should do. Sometimes all that is required is for the system to be serviced rather than a pricey replacement.

Although in most cases you should probably do these fixes, there are exceptions. So be sure to contact a Boise agent at (208)314-1350 before you spend a bunch of money on any of them.

Repairs You Should Not Make When Selling Your House

When selling your home in Boise, the repairs and fixes you should not undertake at your buyer’s request are usually minimal in comparison to the ones you should. They’re……

Cosmetic Issues

Normal wear and tear is to be expected as long as there isn’t an underlying, more significant problem causing the problem. Whether it’s a stained deck, a cracked tile, or nicked paint, these are concerns that are pretty easy [for the buyer] to address,” and you shouldn’t be concerned. “This is especially true in older homes,” says the author.

Termite Infestation

Because “certain lenders and insurance companies will not write on a home that does not have a clean termite inspection report,” you not only should, but will almost certainly have to, take care of this one. If that isn’t the case, and you’ve already received many offers, you may simply “place the property back on the market and sell it to someone else who isn’t asking for repairs.”

Minor Electrical Problems

Unlike bigger electrical problems like faulty wiring, you shouldn’t do anything about minor electrical issues. You won’t be risking the sale if don’t fix a light switch that doesn’t work.

Poor Curb Appeal

Yes, you should improve curb appeal when selling your house, but you don’t have to, even if the buyer requests it. Cosmetic issues (as we mentioned), especially exterior ones, just aren’t something to worry about.

Minor Plumbing Issues

As with minor electrical problems, you shouldn’t be concerned about fixing minor plumbing issues. As long as the plumbing is up to code, it’s just not reasonable for a buyer to ask you to fix, say, a dripping faucet.

But, again, it’s a good idea to consult a Boise agent before you decide to ignore a problem your buyer wants you to take care of.

Your Boise Agent Can Help

When selling your home in Boise, common sense can go a long way toward determining what you should and should not fix at your buyer’s request. Even yet, differences in local marketplaces, particularly in local norms and regulations, might have an impact on what you should and shouldn’t do. That is, of course, why working with a local Boise agent is so critical. And our knowledgeable representatives can assist you. So, when it’s time to sell your home, give us a call at (208)314-1350.

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