Design Tips to Help You Sell Your House in Boise

Ready to sell your Boise home? You should not just stick a for-sale in the front, even in a seller’s market, and then sit back and wait for the offers to begin rolling in. Usually, you’ll have to make at least a few changes in order to sell your home. The key is to consider what’s going to help you sell faster and for more and what’s going to damage your chances. Here are some insider design ideas to help you sell your house in Boise, to help you out.

Tips to Help You Sell Your House


While it is not purely a design tip to advise you to declutter to help you sell your house in Boise, it is nevertheless important to allow your design elements to display. In any design makeover intended to attract customers, decluttering is the first step.

When it comes to helping you sell your house in Boise decluttering, here’s what the pros advise: “You want potential buyers to see the property’s ‘bones’ and not be distracted by clutter or collections of art or tabletops packed with family pictures. Organize the closets, clear the countertops in the kitchen, remove decorative magnets and sketches of the children from the refrigerator. To give a space a more spacious, airy atmosphere, sometimes some furniture [should] be removed.”

Remodel Judiciously 

This second of our tips is also tangentially a design tip for selling your home, but it is also significant. If you’re thinking about doing some remodeling, make sure that you do it wisely. What we mean here is . . . 

It’s true that in Boise, more bathrooms would usually help you sell your home. In reality, each extra full bath adds “approximately 24 percent to the selling price.”

But installing a bath or doing a big remodel of the kitchen does not do the trick and money may be wasted. “Often, what your prospective buyer wants in a home would not be a major investment. What one seller might select as trendy and costly is always pulled out by new buyers and re-done. Lovely new countertops, kitchen cabinets, appliances, often never used, are pulled out and thrown away so that their specific design can be built by the new owners.”

Bear in mind that an improvement’s value is actually related to your home’s value and how that relates to other similar neighborhood homes. So, consider other homes in the area in the same price range as yours before investing in design overhauls or upgrades.

It can be an important resource here for your Boise agent who fully understands the local market. Only call [the phone] to find out more about this.

Keep It Consistent With the Neighborhood

In a similar vein, the character of the neighborhood and the other homes in it should be compatible with what you do with your house. Uniqueness can be a bonus, but the chances of a sale can be hurt by being too different.

You need to see “your home in the context of its neighborhood, especially when it comes to remodelling, if you want to sell your house in Boise.” Here’s an illustrative example of this. . . . 

“[A]The older couple . He moved into one of the trendiest parts of Manhattan, a part of the city known for the lofts of its artists, complete with exposed pipes and open floor plans. The couple invested a large amount “making the apartment look and feel like their house in the suburbs.” The couple attempted to sell after the renovations were complete, and found it difficult to get a buyer.”

The problem was that it did not “fit with the building or the neighborhood,” even though the room looked really good. And the result was that for a long time it remained unsold on the market.

Again, leaning on the experience of your agent in this field is a smart idea.

Don’t Overdo the Decorating

This next of our design tips has to do with decorating to help you sell your house in Boise, some of which you’ll probably want to do. But you’ve got to make sure you’re not overdoing it. Potential buyers must be able to picture your house decorated in their own style as their home.

Branch experts emphasize that “the decor should complement the style of the house when it comes to decorating to sell your house in Boise.” The decor must reflect the character and style of the house. . . . Remove any personal property that does not boost the style of the house, store some paintings, paint and patch the walls. You are attracting buyers by adding this decorating tip and can potentially sell your house for more money.”

It should be prevented from over-decorating, but staging is necessary. Boise House Buyers Numerous studies have shown that staged homes sell quicker than those that have not been staged, and at better prices. Hiring a specialist to help you get all this just right is a smart idea.

Use Neutral Colors and Tones

Preparing a house for sale usually means repainting at least some of the rooms, if not on a large scale. And the consensus among real estate pros is that, for the following reasons, light, neutral color and tones are best to sell your house in Boise:

  • You need to cater to a broad variety of customers, and more traditional ones might be put off by bolder, wilder colors.
  • These lighter, neutral shades will make it seem that rooms that don’t get a lot of sun have more light and so look brighter.
  • Darker colors make rooms look smaller and make it harder for buyers to think of them as their bedroom.
  • Lighter, neutral colors work best to create the desired blank-canvas effect that allows consumers to picture their belongings in place and see their home as your house.

Hire a Good Agent

Our final tip to help you sell your house doesn’t really have anything to do with design explicitly, but it does influence it all. And that is to have in your corner a strong local agent to help you through all your design decisions successfully. If, then, you’re happy to sell your house in Boise, contact us at (208)314-1350 today without making any design blunders.

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