What Paint Colors Should You Use To Sell Your House In Nampa

Before you put it on the market, what upgrades and renovations should you create to your house? The consensus among real estate pros is that only those items that add value to your property should be done that give a healthy return on the investment. And one of those is painting. Painting is relatively cheap, can have a enormous effect on your house’s appearance, may help you get more offers quicker, and can help you sell for more. You know that the green walls in the living room and the neon orange kitchen need to be repainted, but what colors are you going to use? In particular, what colors are you supposed to use to sell your Nampa house?

Specific Paint Colors by Room to Sell Your House in Nampa

Specific colors work best in certain rooms to sell your house in Nampa, for example:


Go with light beiges and gray-browns to your living space. “It will assist the space feel more comfortable and welcoming, according to real estate specialists. It could also tackle an average of $2,000 to your home’s selling cost. “They also suggest to accentuate the beige with a white fireplace and baseboards and use some natural wood accents.


You’ll want to use subdued blues mixed with gray in the dining room to offer the room a “more official and majestic atmosphere.” Homes with dining rooms painted in bluish gray or grayish blue sold for nearly $2,000 more than homes with white painted dining rooms. And, again, the recommendation on the baseboards and furniture is to work some white in.


The pros state unequivocally that the bedrooms “painted a matte soft cerulean netted an average of $1,856 more than expected.” (Cerulean is actually a range of colors that can vary from teal blue to sky blue to bright blue to azure. However, most of the time it is used to describe a kind sky blue.) “Try pairing the blue with white baseboards and stage the room with natural woods for an added appeal.”


A very famous update of the white kitchen is now falling out of favor. While a white kitchen looks fresh and bright, keeping clean may be a true pain. Better to go on the walls with gray-blues that, according to the experts, can increase your selling cost to over $1,800. Real estate professionals also suggest the use of bold-colored cabinets to emphasize the walls.


Like the kitchen, a subdued or light blue should be painted in the bathroom. A bathroom with the correct color can assist you sell your home for up to $5,000 more in Nampa.


External consensus is that a color known as “greige” should be painted. This is a portmanteau word produced by merging “gray” and “beige,” and, as the name indicates, the color itself is a combination of these two colors. Greige painting can assist you sell more than anticipated for almost $3,500.

Don’t Forget the Front Door

One of the first things that prospective customers will see when they visit your home is the front gate. As we stated, dark colors are what you should use to sell your house in Nampa when it comes to painting front doors. A front door navy blue can add up to $1,500 to the cost of your sale. Still, it takes a lot of experience and knowledge of the local market to get the colors just right for your house and your area, especially if you want to sell for as much as possible.

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